Lo Staff dell'Osteria

Daniele Bavastro, Chef

“I love traditional cuisine, as long as it is authentic and faithful to its history. It takes me back in time and reminds me how simplicity is essential to obtain a good dish”.

Daniele showed interest for the traditional family cuisine since an early age. So he decided to apply to a culinary high school and to specialize as a cook and pastry chef.

After school, he immediately started to work, enriching his curriculum with different experiences, exploring various types of cuisine and training as a 360° cook.

During his 12-year career, Daniele learned that traditional gastronomy must be as authentic as possible and it has to be the result of historical research and study.

In 2019 Daniele started the collaboration with Roberto Ghio. According to Daniele, Osteria Piemontemare is a place where you can be a cook expressing creativity, working with top quality ingredients and having careful attention to detail.

The first rule of Daniele's kitchen is that superfine ingredients must be combined with simplicity and balance.

Franco Oddone, Chef

“Creating a good dish is the best satisfaction for me. The chef is an artist: every dish must be, every time, his best work”.

Franco's passion for cooking started during his childhood, at home, so he decided to apply to a culinary high school and specialize in first and second courses.

Afterward Franco also studied pastry arts, thus completing his skills in kitchen. After a short experience abroad, he began to practice his knowledge working in different restaurants. He ultimately gained fifteen years of experience and acquired a deep knowledge of the different raw materials and the best processing techniques.

The collaboration with Roberto Ghio starts from the possibility of cooking refined and high quality dishes, which are the result of a careful processing. Every dish leaves room for art while respecting tradition.

In Osteria each dish recreates a story, demonstrating how much culinary knowledge can turn simple and genuine ingredients into dishes with a high level of elaboration and a perfect balance of flavors.

Porzia Cassatella, Sommelier

“I still get excited when I have a good bottle of wine in my hands, with its history, its culture, its tradition”.

Porzia discovered her passion for wine as a young girl. At the age of 19, she managed a bar in the centre of Ovada with her brothers and later decided to turn it into a wine bar. Porzia soon realized that hands-on experience was not enough for her and she decided to deepen her knowledge by studying wine and gaining the certificate of “sommelier”.

She loves the completeness and complexity of wine, its history, the lands where it’s produced, its use when paired with food.

Thanks to her FISAR membership ( Italian Federation of Sommeliers, Hotel and Restaurant Owners), she proudly remembers her participation to many important events as a sommelier: in particular, the unforgettable gala event in Montecarlo, in which Albert and Caroline of Monaco took part.

Porzia also managed a wine shop in Ovada for 7 years with great satisfaction. At the end of this stimulating experience, she decided to change direction, in the search of new ideas: that’s how she decided to collaborate with the Piemontemare project, starting to work in the Osteria, a place where wine is the protagonist along with food, and where their union is fundamental.