Osteria Piemontemare was born from the wish to recreate the atmosphere of the old tavern which my family ran until the 50s in Bosio, in the same location where I produce my wine up to this day.

Here you can taste all our wines and find the typical and oldest flavours of this wonderful Piedmont corner.

Roberto Ghio

Roberto Ghio

Roberto Ghio
the Owner

“I think wine preserves both time and weather in its bottle, as well as the land from which it draws its vigour”

Osteria Piemontemare Staff

Osteria Staff

“Each step, from the choice of ingredients, to the preparation of the dishes, to the final service at the tables, is the result of care and attention. ”

I nostri piatti


A careful search for raw ingredients, a stimulating retreival of the Ligurian-Piedmontese traditional recipes and culture, along with the authentic cooking artisanal techniques.

I nostri vini


Making wine means giving voice to the land and preserving over time the memory of a whole year, with its rains, snow, sun, wind and moons.