Piemontemare Gift Card

Now you can make the Piemontemare experience available to whomever you want.

Treat someone to lunch or dinner at Osteria Piemontemare. A tasting experience and rediscovery of forgotten recipes: a unique journey between the food and wine of the closest Piedmont to the sea, that you can offer to the people you love.

How? It’s easy:

  1. Book your Piemontemare gift card by email, phone, Whatsapp or Facebook
  2. Choose the amount you want to spend and pay us by bank transfer
  3. Send us the recipient’s email or phone number: he will receive the gift card with a customized message

You can also purchase the Piemontemare gift card directly at Osteria: just come and visit us!

Terms and conditions
The gift card can be redeemed on any business day (Tuesdays to Sundays), for lunch or dinner, by reservation only. It expires 6 months after the purchasing date.
If the total cost of the meal is less than the card value, we do not issue any refund.
If the total cost of the meal is more than the card value, the customers will have to pay the difference.