Roberto Ghio, the Owner

He is known as the “wine philosopher”: Roberto Ghio, born in 1977, graduated in philosophy, followed the family footsteps.

Thanks to Roberto, the family business reached its sixth generation of winemakers: Roberto is his farm, his farm is his family, which also includes his wines. His desire is to tell about the land and the year climate through his bottles, and to encompass history, passion and hard work in each one of them.

His journey started from the great cultural heritage of his territory, that Piedmont corner which smells like Liguria, a borderland crossed by thousands of ancient streets, where goods and people were exchanged for centuries between the hinterland and the sea. That small piece of land that Roberto renamed “Piemontemare”.

At the beginning, Roberto decided to promote a unique place in Bosio mountains, by managing the lodge “Baita Rio Gorzente”, located in the heart of Capanne di Marcarolo Park: the perfect spot to enjoy the wonderful nature, taste traditional dishes, and attend musical, theatrical, literary and sporting events.

Later on, following the family traditions, Roberto opened the restaurant “Osteria Piemontemare”, in the historical centre of Gavi, recreating the atmosphere of the old tavern that his family ran until the 50s in Bosio.

Furnished with reused objects once essential for farmers and winemakers, the Osteria offers a menu inspired by ancient culinary traditions, with ingredients that are locally grown. Every dish sums up a hard research of the historical heritage of that borderland which divides, or better said, joins the two regions Piedmont and Liguria.