Drác Passito

Wine Fact Sheet

Name: Drác Passito – White raisin wine

Vine: Cortese – Ancient vines obtained via clonal selection by the Consorzio Tutela del Gavi (Gavi Wine Protection Consortium)

Winemaking: Indigenous yeasts, no sulfur, incompletely filled barrel, oxidative

Grape maturation: at least two years in an incompletely filled barrel

Organoleptic properties:
antique gold colour. Fragrant “passito” wine.
The grapes are pressed between the Epiphany (on the 6th of January) and the Valentine's Day following the harvest year.
The scent hints of pastry, dried fruit, hazelnut and licorice, and noble rot spice aromas.
Rare persistent finish.

Serving temperature: from 14 to 16 °C – 57/60 °F

Alcohol content: from 16% with high residual sugar content

Bottle capacity: 0,375 liter