“For at least seven generations my family has been producing wines in this wonderful territory, perpetuating ancient traditions so as to preserve its historical memory. The uses, gestures and secrets that nature has taught my father, my grandfather, his father and his grandfather before him, have not changed over the years. I think wine preserves both time and weather in its bottle, as well as the land from which it draws its vigor.”

Wines by the Ghio family winery

White Wines

Pian Lazzarino


Le Zucche


Red Wines


La Vecchia


La Cascina

Other Wines

La Canna e l’Orzo Rosè

La Canna e l’Orzo Bianco

Pian Lazzarino Drác Bianco

L’Arciprete Drác Rosso

Drác Passito


Sèfir Cortese

Sèfir Dolcetto

Sèfir Nebbiolo

Sèfir Riserva


Wine List

Besides the full range of wines and grappas from Azienda Agricola Ghio Roberto – Vigneti Piemontemare, we also offer a wide selection of Italian red and white wines, as well as important collectible champagne labels.

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