Fabrizio Gualco, the Chef

He doesn’t like to be called a chef, Fabrizio rather defines himself as a “professional cook”.

Since he was a child, he loved to spend his afternoons looking at his mum and grandmother making food: Fabrizio learned from them that cooking is harmony but also hard work and that there are no compromises in the kitchen.
As years went by, Fabrizio’s passion grew and led him to apply to a culinary high school. He gave up his dream of becoming a journalist and he quit college to pursue another dream: become a chef.

The great skills, precision and organization Fabrizio acquired in the kitchen, have allowed him to explore different realities over the years: in Italy and abroad, from local restaurants to starred hotels, from small taverns to collective caterings. Thanks to his 25-year experience, Fabrizio became considerably expressive in the kitchen.

Fabrizio and Roberto met many years ago: they are almost the same age and come from the same land. However, their working partnership is an absolute novelty: it combines the study of traditional Ligurian and Piedmont recipes - basic philosophy of Osteria Piemontemare - with Fabrizio’s attention and practicality, his perfect knowledge of raw materials and the absolute rejection of easy shortcuts in the kitchen.

The recipes have raw materials as protagonists and are based on the quality of their ingredients; with great simplicity, they tell the story of those who passed them on over the years.