Davide Nicora, the Chef

In his kitchen, he always needs a notebook and a pen, not only to write ingredients and recipes, but mostly to jot down new ideas and suggestions that come to his mind while cooking.

Davide has been passionate about cooking for a long time. During his childhood, he spent hours and hours observing his mother preparing traditional meals with experienced hands. He was eager to learn the secrets behind ancient gestures and smells. His grandfather was an inspiration too: he loved to cook Genoese dishes such as “tripe” and “stockfish” for friends and coworkers, and in the same way Davide tried to reproduce them for his school mates.

After a few years working in the logistics sector and as bartender, Davide decided it was time to pursue his dream. He moved to London and started to work as a dishwasher, and only six months later he had become sous-chef at a renowned Italian restaurant.

After a long period of time working between Germany, Spain and Scotland, where he grew up personally and professionally, Davide decided to return to Italy with these new skills and a 360° perspective. That’s exactly when he met Roberto Ghio, who entrusted him with the management of the Osteria Piemontemare kitchen.

Davide and Roberto’s mission is to rediscover ancient, often forgotten recipes, and thanks to Davide’s creativity, many of the Osteria dishes have a double version: along with the traditional recipe, there is also a more creative and revised one. This represents for the customer a unique experience of rediscovery of our culinary roots and their possible developments.

The underlying idea behind Osteria Piemontemare philosophy -Davide claims- is that tradition, even in cooking, is the totality of innovations that a people has historically brought to the products of its land.